Casey Scheller

Casey Scheller

Graduate-level Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) student

I am a graduate-level Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) student. Prior to pursuing my Master’s in MFT, I worked as a contracted case manager for Hennepin County. I have 6 years of experience helping people of all ages navigate life independently while considering challenges related to disabilities and/or mental health.

I believe most challenges can be traced back to one (or many) unmet needs. In moments of discomfort, we naturally find ways to get our needs met, which sometimes can result in dysfunctional patterns of behavior. In order to encourage personal growth, I will help you better understand these dysfunctional coping strategies and find new ways to get your needs met.

While I’m still learning about different therapy styles and frameworks, I’ve noticed that Internal Family Systems (IFS, aka. “Parts Language”), Structural Therapy, and Narrative Therapy come naturally to me. Colleagues would say I have a great way of connecting with people on deep levels, am able to utilize analogies and visual imagery to convey “therapeutic jargon” learned in lectures, and recognize the importance of working with both mind and body to promote growth.

My office is located in St. Paul. I am vaccinated, boosted, and see people in person.

1600 University Ave.
Suite 203
St. Paul, MN 55104