Welcome to Cornerstone.

A place where individuals, couples, and families can heal and grow.

  At Cornerstone, we are very well known for our comprehensive and specialized treatment program for sex and cybersex addiction. We also offer other specialized programs and therapy for a variety of general mental health issues.

We believe in treating our clients as unique and complex beings.

We work to uncover each client’s potential for healing and growth by offering hope that change is possible.

We we are now seeing fully vaccinated clients in person.
Only non-vaccinated clients have to be seen virtually.

Our Mission

Cornerstone was founded in 1994 to provide people with the healing, recovery and support that they need to live happy and productive lives.

We are commited to helping our clients gain self-worth, reduce shame, and achieve healthy intimacy and sexuality in their lives. We work with clients to heal the impacts of trauma and facilitate their personal development.

Our goal is for our clients to become the pilots of their own lives and achieve the self-acceptance and self-respect that they have always deserved.

Our Programs

In addition to our general mental health counseling, we offer a diverse collection of programs for specific issues.

Sex Addiction/Cybersex Recovery

Sexual addiction is a pattern of obsessive sexual thoughts and compulsive sexual behavior that continues even after the person has experienced numerous consequences including significant suffering to themselves and others. Intervention and support are required.

Spouses and Partners of Sexual Addicts Counseling

Being married to or partners with a sex addict can be one of the most painful and traumatizing experiences we can have in a relationship. At Cornerstone, we help you navigate through this dark and confusing time.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is the process by which a trained relationship therapist facilitates effective communication, conflict resolution, empathy and compassion between a married or non-married couple through education, gentle confrontation and coaching until the couple can achieve effectiveness in these areas on their own.

Adult Anger Management

Anger is a surge of energy that prepares us for a perceived threat. Unfortunately, many people learn to associate anger with abuse, rage, and destructive behavior.

Our program teaches adult men and women how to understand, use and manage their anger in constructive, healthy ways.

Short Term Sexual Responsibility

Many factors can cause young men today to struggle with their sexual feelings and decisions. Adolescents need to be aware of the significant personal, interpersonal and legal ramifications of decisions to engage in sexual activities. Teenagers and their parents need information, guidance and support during this challenging period in their lives.

Adolescent Anger Management

The program is designed for young men who have expressed their anger in explosive and aggressive ways.

This program is aimed at helping these teens learn more effective and constructive methods of expressing anger and other emotions.

Adolescent Sexuality Services

Anger is a surge of energy that prepares us for a perceived threat. Unfortunately, many people learn to associate anger with abuse, rage, and destructive behavior.

Our program teaches adult men and women how to understand, use and manage their anger in constructive, healthy ways.

Step in to our office.

Meet our friendly and experienced team.

Michael Kogan-White, M.A. LP

Mike is the owner and director of Cornerstone and has over 40 years of experience providing therapy and counseling to men, individually, in groups and in couples sessions. He has helped hundreds of men overcome sexual problems, relationship problems, depression, shame, trauma, anxiety, and codependency.

Julie Kogan-White, M.A. LICSW

Julie has provided therapy to adult women and men, adolescents, and college students for over 35 years. Her specializations include sexual addiction, relationship issues, depression and anxiety, sexual assault, incest, PTSD, and other forms of abuse.

Sharri Rogers, M.A. LMFT

Sharri has over twenty years’ experience providing counseling to adolescents, couples, families, and individuals. She has extensive experience working with victims of sexual abuse and trauma, and has helped numerous individuals overcome sexual behavior problems including pornography addictions.

Mark Gemmell, PsyD. LP

Mark has over a decade of experience with marriage and couples therapy. He also specializes in addictions including sex, alcohol, pain and anxiety medications as well as other substances and behaviors.

Janessa Beebe, M.A, L.P.C.C.

Janessa has over ten years of experience providing counseling and therapy to adults and adolescents. She works with individuals, couples, groups, and teens. She facilitates group treatments and provides a ten-week individual anger management program.

Stefan A. Bailis, PsyD, LP

Stefan has over 15 years of experience in the mental health field in a variety of settings: child and adolescent day treatment, college counseling center, outpatient therapy clinics, outpatient neuropsychology clinics, and in-home.

Andre Peri, PhD. LP

By utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness from a strength-based approach, Andre helps clients tap into their internal resources so they can make the necessary changes to transform their lives.

James Chadwick, MSW, LICSW

James’ goal is to help clients tap into positive coping and communication skills until they feel natural. He provides psychoeducation on chemical dependency, sexuality and relationships, & mood disorders. 

Regula Badertscher Gallo, LGSW

Regula has over fourteen years of experience providing psychotherapy to couples and individuals. She specializes in treating adults with unhealed childhood trauma and neglect as well as treating betrayal trauma for partners of sex addicts. She has expertise in Body Mind and Holistic Psychotherapies and teaches Mindfulness skills.



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