Adolescent Sexuality Services

Adolescence is a chaotic time marked by powerful social, emotional and biological changes, including the emergence of sexual thoughts, feelings and impulses. Teenagers need and deserve information, guidance and support during this exciting and often confusing period in their lives. Unfortunately, this guidance is frequently lacking. Many parents do not talk to their teens about sex. School sex education programs often fail to provide accurate and helpful information and assistance. Pornography is widely available through the internet, exposing young people to images of explicit sexual behavior at younger ages than ever before. Many teens have been victims of sexual abuse. These and other factors can cause today’s adolescents to struggle with their sexual feelings and decisions, sometimes resulting in sexual acting out against others.

Cornerstone’s Adolescent Sexuality Services are designed to guide and support teens and their parents towards healthy sexual attitudes and behaviors.

– Psychosexual Assessment

– A detailed analysis of the referring sexual issue

– Assessment of sexual behavior patterns using a research-based typology

– Review of the teen’s family and social history

– Psychological testing

– Evaluation of treatment needs and potential level of risk

What does the program provide?
The program ranges from 3-9 months in length, depending on the needs of the client, and offers a flexible format that may include:

– Anger and aggression assessments.

– Time-limited, structured group therapy. When we have enough teens for a group.

– Individual therapy.

– Family therapy.

Short-Term Sexual Responsibility Program
Cornerstone’s Sexual Responsibility Program consists of weekly 1 to 1 sessions over a ten-week period and is designed for young men who have shown problematic sexual attitudes or behaviors. The program addresses such issues as intimacy, boundaries, personal responsibility, self-care and safety, as well as:

– Responsible sexual decision-making

– Healthy and unhealthy sexual behaviors

– Cybersex and on-line pornography

– The laws governing sexual behavior

– The facts about pregnancy, birth control and sexually transmitted infections

Information, Appointments, Referrals

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