Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is the process by which a trained relationship therapist facilitates effective communication, conflict resolution, empathy and compassion between a married or non-married couple through education, gentle confrontation and coaching until the couple can achieve effectiveness in these areas on their own.
Who is the program designed for?

Couples who are married, or non-married, and who are heterosexual, or homosexual.

Program Objectives
The program helps couples learn how to:

– Communicate in a loving and compassionate manner

– Identify issues causing problems in their relationship

– Resolve issues instead of repeating painful scenarios

Therapy Models
– Imago Relationship Therapy

– Gottman Method

– Various other marital therapeutic approaches

Scheduled 60 minute therapy sessions with trained relationship therapists who have a lot of professional experience helping married and non-married couples successfully apply the tools they teach and in turn enhance the satisfaction in their relationships. Therapy sessions are scheduled on an individual couple basis.

Information, Appointments, Referrals

Julie Kogan-White, MA, LICSW
651-645-0980 ext. 5

Janessa Beebe, MA, LPCC
612 758-0717

Regula Badertscher Gallo, LGSW

Samim (Sammy) Muhammad, Intern, AAMFT fellow
651-300-9328 (Text Message-prefer)