Adult Anger Management

Anger is a surge of energy that prepares us for a perceived threat. Unfortunately, many people learn to associate anger with abuse, rage, and destructive behavior. When properly managed, anger can provide us with vital information about ourselves and can help improve the quality of our relationships.
Who is the program designed for?
Cornerstone’s Anger Management Program is designed to teach adult men and women how to understand, use and manage their anger in constructive, healthy ways. The program is not designed to be a substitute for a Domestic Abuse Program. If there is a history of domestic violence, a qualified domestic abuse program should be attended.
The 10-week program draws from educational and therapeutic approaches including

– Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

– Abuse Prevention Training

– Post Traumatic Stress Theory

The program offers a flexible schedule with morning, afternoon and evening sessions enabling people to maintain their employment and school while receiving professional, affordable education and support.

– Anger Evaluations

– 10 Anger Management individual sessions.

– Trauma Resolution therapy for those whose anger issues will probably not be resolved without trauma treatment.

– Aftercare Planning

– Couples, and Family Therapy as requested

Anger Management Sessions

These sessions are open to adult males and females. Sessions are 60 minutes in length.  Activities include:

– Educational topics relevant to the successful management of anger

– Homework assignments relating to each topic

– Anger management journals.

– Discussion and feedback on personal progress and struggles

Comprehensive Aftercare Plans
Plans are developed at the end of the program to help each client maintain their momentum. If a client is referred by the courts or other government agency, a discharge summary is provided to the proper authority within two weeks of the client’s termination. A Trauma Resolution Group is offered to graduates of the Anger Management Program to facilitate in their healing of core issues underlying their mismanagement of anger.

Information, Appointments, Referrals

For men:
Stefan Bailis, PsyD, LP
651-645-0980 ext. 2

Samim (Sammy) Muhammad, Intern, AAMFT fellow
651-300-9328 (Text Message-prefer)